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ASHI Value Pack

Look at this great OFFER!!! A $665.00 value for $450.00
ASHI has put together a must have value pack that contains multiple books that assist you in starting and growing your business while enhancing your home inspection library for one LOW Price!

In this value pack you will receive:

1. ASHI Standard of Practice brochures Qty (50)-The ASHI Standard of Practice brochure guides home inspectors in the performance of their inspections.

2. Home Inspection Exam Preparation book-Contains Diagnostic Tests, Practice Problems and answers as well as a sample exam. With over 1,600 questions, this is one of the most comprehensive preparation tools available for home inspection licensing and certification exams.

3. Building Your Home Inspection Business-Designed to help both new and established inspectors focus on strategic business growth and marketing in a highly competitive field. You will find clear, easy to use advice that has been field tested for success. Learning objectives, key terms, quizzes, and field exercises make this book a valuable resource to any inspector.

4. Home Inspection Business Operations Study-The 2005 Edition of the Home Inspection Business Operations Study gathers general demographics and measures home inspectors' business activities during the 2004 calendar year. The potential survey group includes more than 18,000 inspectors from across the U.S. and Canada.

5. The Illustrated Home book-1,500 Beautifully drawn and technically precise illustrations include detailed notes to clearly show how systems are built , and how they work.

Use the Illustrated home to:
-Gain instant understanding of complex systems
-Refresh your memory quickly
-Simplify complex issues for your clients and others.

Systems include:
-Roofing -Electrical -Heating -AC -Insulation
-Structure - Plumbing -Exteriors -Interiors

6. Field Guide to Crack Patterns - The field guide is divided into five parts: part one discusses the introduction to the field guide which covers topics such as the classification system, references cited, and previous work. Part two introduces the crack nomenclature and the primary components for pattern identification. Part three provides twenty-nine crack pattern models,eighteen which are wall cracks and eleven which are slab cracks. Part four discusses crack origin and occurrence, patterns and growth, description, activity, overprinting, complexity, gaps and separation, and cracks not identified. Part five discusses application and relations of cracking and building performance. Part six briefly summarizes the text and suggests some practical uses for the field guide.

$665.00 Non-Membership
$450.00 Sale Price