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Exam Prep Book

With over 1,500 practice problems on the full range of home systems, this indispensable exam guide helps students test subject mastery and prepare for formal exams.

Home Inspection Exam Prep covers proper installation techniques, problem conditions, implications of problems, and repair and maintenance considerations.


Initial diagnostic test helps students evaluate their strengths and weaknesses to plan their study plan accordingly
Over 1,200 multiple choice and true/false questions organized by home system allow students to hone in on topic areas that require additional review
200-question practice exam models the format and scope of actual state and professional exams to help readers prepare for various testing scenarios

Diagnostic Test Practice Questions Structural Components Exterior Roofing Plumbing Heating Cooling Electrical Insulation and Ventilation Interiors Fireplaces and Solid-Fuel Burning Appliances Professional Practice Appliances Practice Exam

$130.95 Non-Membership