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Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc.
1200 N. Fancher
Mount Pleasant, MI 48858
Phone: 989-772-5088
Fax: 989-772-5870
President: Lester Keepper;

Prism Analytical Technologies, Inc. is the leading consultative air testing laboratory in the United States that is devoted to the chemical identification and analysis of contaminants in the air.  Since 1992, Prism has focused intently on providing its clients with superior air testing, science-based technology coupled with extraordinary service.  Many Fortune 100/500 companies, as well as hundreds of individual environmental consultants, have come to rely on Prisms commitment to helping them solve indoor air quality and environmental challenges.  Home Air CheckTM  is Prism's latest innovation for home air quality testing.  Now offered in a version for home inspector use.  Home Air CheckTM Professional is a crucial tool for accurately assessing mold growth and total VOC levels in the home.  Easy and inexpensive, this is the only test that measures actively growing mold, eliminating the false positives and negatives that can occur with mold spore testing.  Potential sources of VOC contaminants are also predicted with the proprietary Contamination Index.



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