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Oklahoma Residential and Commercial Inspetions Association (ORCIA)
9300 N. May Ave
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone: 405-532-1874
Fax: 405-603-3494
Executive Director: Fred Ayers

ORCIA was formed in 1993 as the only not for profit state wide Oklahoma association dedicated to the improvement of the residential and commercial inspection trade. A group of home inspectors gathered together to develop a much needed inspection standard, conduct training to improve individual skills and to establish a collective voice to the public. Association by-laws were written and adopted (including minimum inspection standards). Membership criteria for ORCIA was established with chapters in Tulsa and Oklahoma City.  Officers were elected within each chapter and state officers were selected from all members with an executive director to govern and provide direction to the organization.  Goals were set by committees for continuing education, membership and public education. 

When the State of Oklahoma decided to establish regulatory standards for the home inspection industry, ORCIA was called upon to assist in the writing of the final state abopted language that became law.  The law found in Title 310 Chapter 276 (known as the Act) can be found at .    

ORCIA strives to seek out ways and methods to improve the education of it's members conducting semi-annual training conferences providing up to date information on inspection techniques, technical knowlege and skills necessary to manage one's business.  ORCIA needs more members so that ORCIA becomes a daily word throughout the real estate community. 

ORCIA knows that there is strength in numbers.  Recognizing this, ORCIA has focused on  increasing it's membership to become an effective voice in the now regulated industry.  Home inspectors through ORCIA must collectively voice opinions and ideas to keep the industry at the forefront.  There are external forces constantly at play attempting to dilute the standards as defined by the law. 

Contact ORCIA for further information and recieve a membership packet.  You will not regret joining ORCIA.  ORCIA also accepts affiliate memberships for businesses that would like ORCIA members to represent them to it's many customers.  Call (405)390-4919 now for further information.     


Membership Contacts: Eastern Chapter President(918)455-4406; Central Chapter President(405)833-3445; Executive Director(405)390-4919 or contact 


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