ASHI Standards of Practice

12.1   The inspector shall:

  1. inspect:
    1. system components.
    2. chimney and vents.
  2. describe:
    1. fireplaces and solid fuel burning appliances.
    2. chimneys.

12.2   The inspector is NOT required to:

  1. inspect:
    1. interiors of flues or chimneys.
    2. firescreens and doors.
    3. seals and gaskets.
    4. automatic fuel feed devices.
    5. mantles and fireplace surrounds.
    6. combustion make-up air devices.
    7. heat distribution assists (gravity fed and fan assisted).
  2. ignite or extinguish fires.
  3. determine draft characteristics.
  4. move fireplace inserts and stoves or firebox contents.


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