ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination Handbook

Score reporting

Upon completion, the test center manager will immediately score the examination. The words "PASS" or "FAIL" and a numeric score appear on the score sheet. Individuals who fail must wait 30 days before being eligible to retake the examination. All persons taking a re-examination must pay the original examination fee for each test. There are no limits to the number of times an individual may test.

Applying your score to achieve ASHI Member status

To insure that your score is applied to your ASHI membership requirements, mail or fax your passing score report to

  American Society of Home Inspectors
932 Lee Street, #101
Des Plaines IL 60016
Fax 847-759-1620  Membership phone: 847-759-2820

Both experienced and novice home inspectors enter ASHI as Candidates. To become a full Member, the Candidate must:

  • Pass the National Home Inspector Examination and ASHI’s Standards and Ethics Examination.
  • Have inspection reports successfully verified for compliance with ASHI’s Standards of Practice.
  • Submit valid proof of performance of at least 250 fee-paid home inspections that meet or exceed the ASHI Standards of Practice.

If passage of the ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination completes your Candidate requirements, you will be notified by ASHI Headquarters. Upon notification by ASHI of your Member status, you may begin to use the ASHI Member logo in your marketing materials.

Candidates who have passed both the National Home Inspector Examination and the ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination, but who have completed only 50 home inspections, may have the inspections verified by ASHI. If accepted, the Candidate may apply for use of the distinct "ASHI Candidate" logo in their marketing materials. Candidates may not use the official "ASHI Member" logo under any circumstances.

Duplicate score reports

A duplicate score report is available on the day of the examination for a fee of $15 per examination, payable to Assessment Systems, Inc.

If you require a score report at a later date, complete the form inserted in this Handbook, enclose the fee, and mail to Assessment Systems, Inc. Duplicate score sheets issued after the test date do not show a photo of the examinee.

A final word

Home inspection professionals offer a vital service to the public in evaluating the condition of a prospective home. The American Society of Home Inspectors requires that all Candidate and Member home inspectors meet minimum professional practice standards and operate according to ethical guidelines. The ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination is designed to assess these qualities in order to meet membership requirements.

Good luck!

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