ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination Handbook

Examination Day

Reporting time

To make an appointment for re-examination, call ASI's Customer Care Center toll-free at 800-274-8359. Have your failing score report available when you call. Follow the procedures outlined above for making an examination appointment.

You may re-take the ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination as many times as you wish. However, you must wait 30 days between re-takes. Each examination requires a separate fee.


Individuals who arrive late for their scheduled examination forfeit their reservation. Persons excluded from testing because of lateness will be considered absent and will owe ASI the full examination fee.

What to bring with you on examination day

  1. Your confirmation number.
  2. Examination fee (or separate fees if taking more than one examination) in the form of certified check, cashier's check, or money order payable to Assessment Systems, Inc. Cash, personal checks, and credit cards will not be accepted.
  3. Two forms of signature identification, one of which must be photo-bearing, preferably a driver's license.
  4. Your failing score report, if you are re-taking the examination.

If you do not present all of the above items on examination day, you will be denied admission to the test and will be considered absent. You will owe ASI the full examination fee.

At the testing center

When you arrive at the test center, report to the test center manager. Present your confirmation number, identification, and the other required documents. The manager will request information from you and take your picture. This photograph will be printed on your score report.

The test center manager will assign you a seat and assist you with your EXPro computerized testing unit. You will have an opportunity to go through a tutorial to become familiar with the EXPro System. The time you spend on the tutorial will not reduce the time allotted for taking your examination. When you feel comfortable with EXPro, you may begin your examination.

You are given one (1) hours to complete the ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination. The timing of the examination begins the moment you look at the first question on your examination. After two hours have elapsed, the EXPro testing unit will automatically turn off.

Alert the test center manager when you have completed your test by raising your hand. Official scoring of your examination will take place immediately. You will leave the test center with your official scores in hand.

If you encounter any problem(s) during the exam, please notify the test center manager immediately. If your problem is not addressed to your satisfaction, notify ASI in writing after the exam.

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