ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination Handbook

Permitted absence from a scheduled examination

If, on the day you are scheduled to test, you are unable to attend the examination for which you were scheduled, you may be excused for the following reasons:

  1. Illness, either yourself or an immediate family member.
  2. Death in the immediate family.
  3. Disabling traffic accident.
  4. Court appearance or jury duty.
  5. Military duty.

All individuals seeking excused absences must submit a written request and supporting documentation of the situation to ASI within 14 calendar days of the original examination date.

If you are absent for a scheduled examination and you have not rescheduled or canceled according to policy, the full examination fee for the missed examination session is due to ASI. Fees owed for missed examination dates may be paid at the test center when you check-in for a subsequent examination. You will not be permitted to take subsequent examinations until all fees owed to ASI for previous examinations have been paid.

If you owe ASI fees for a missed examination and you will not be taking an examination in the near future, send your name, confirmation number, social security number, date of absence and payment to:

  ASI Processing Center-ATTN: CSS/ASHI S&E EXAM
ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination

PO Box 8588
Philadelphia PA 19101-8588
Re-examination procedures

To make an appointment for re-examination, call ASI's Customer Care Center toll-free at 800-274-8359. Have your failing score report available when you call. Follow the procedures outlined above for making an examination appointment.

You may re-take the ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination as many times as you wish. However, you must wait 30 days between re-takes. Each examination requires a separate fee.

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