ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination Handbook

Exam administrator

The ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination is administered by Assessment Systems, Inc. (ASI), an independent testing company specializing in evaluation of professional and occupational competence. ASI provides expertise and support to associations, state credentialing agencies and private industry in test development, scoring and reporting, as well as agency records management.

EXPro Electronic Testing System

The ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination is administered via an electronic testing system. The EXPro testing system eliminates the use of paper answer sheets and pencils. Examination questions and answers are presented on a touch-sensitive screen. A computer memory card records your responses and automatically times the examination. Knowledge of computers and typing is not required.

Dates, times and locations

ASI offers examinations at more than 200 sites throughout North America. A list of these locations is found on the National Assessment Center Location Card which accompanies this handbook. When you call to make your examination reservation, the Customer Care Representative will give you specific information and directions to your Assessment Center. Locations and schedules are subject to change and should be verified at the time you call to make your reservation.

You may make a reservation up to three (3) business days prior to your desired test date. For example, if you call ASI's Customer Care Center to make an examination reservation on a Tuesday, you may test as early as the following Friday. Reservations made on a Saturday require an additional business day to arrange. This schedule is illustrated in the following chart:

If you call for an
examination reservation on:
You may test
on or after the following:
  Monday Thursday
  Tuesday Friday
  Wednesday Saturday
  Thursday Tuesday
  Friday Wednesday
  Saturday Thursday
  Sunday Thursday

To request non-Saturday testing: In the event that the ASHI S&E EXAM is offered only on Saturdays at the preferred test center, individuals who cannot take the examination Saturdays for religious reasons may request a non-Saturday test administration. The request must be from the examinee’s religious advisor, in writing on the advisor’s stationery. The request should be faxed or mailed well in advance of the preferred test date to:

  ASI Processing Center-ATTN: Test Center Operations
ASHI Standards and Ethics Examination
PO Box 8588
Philadelphia PA 19101-8588
Fax 610-617-9303
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