Mon., 1/13, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Advanced Learning

This is not your ordinary safety class telling you how to put up a ladder.  It’s one that will not only explain  the safety concerns related to paw prints, animal droppings or chewed holes in siding,  but one that contains live footage showing a lighting of a furnace “ gone bad.” A myriad of rare and unusual safety risks experienced during home inspections will be provided. This show was originally called "The Seinfeld Home Inspection Safety Show.”

Jim Nemastil, ACI, president of Nemastil Home Inspections, has performed over 12,000 home inspections and provides CE classes for realtors and inspectors. He holds a Masters degree from Miami University of Ohio. Jim holds state licenses in radon, lead, and termite. Jim is a certified ICC IRC B1 inspector. Jim has been certified in carbon monoxide and has been a certified indoor environmentalist. Jim has been an ASHI member for the last 25 years.

Marko E. Vovk, ACI, a civil engineer, author, and expert eye witness. Marko is licensed in radon, lead, and termite. He has performed over 11,000 building inspections and residential forensic investigations. Marko has certifications in carbon monoxide and HVAC air balancing and diagnostics. Marko is a certified Indoor Environmentalist. Over 40 percent of Marko’s business comes from House Scene Investigations or Residential Forensic Investigations. Marko has been an ASHI member for the last 20 years.