Mon., 1/13, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Advanced Learning

There have been significant changes to the code requirements for the installation of EIFS, stucco and adhered stone veneers. This session will provide a detailed review of the new ASTM standards and other code requirements for installation of EIFS and stucco and the visible features of these systems that can be verified during a non-invasive home inspection. The session will also discuss new developments and understanding in the failure modes of these systems and how even “properly” installed systems have been failing in real-world applications. We will include the signs and symptoms of failure that can often be discovered during a diligent home inspection.

Peter G. Engle, PE, ACI is a licensed engineer, home inspector and an ASHI Certified Inspector. He has been practicing home inspection and building consulting since 1995 and has performed thousands of pre-purchase home inspections. He has also been certified by BPI and HERS to perform energy inspections, and has advised builders on high-performance upgrades to their construction practices. On the engineering side, Pete performs in-process EIFS and Stucco special inspections and provides building shell quality assurance inspections for some of the largest national homebuilders. He also provides forensic engineering and litigation consulting services related to construction and home inspection issues.