Tues., 1/14, 4:00 - 6:00 p.m.

Advanced Learning

The presentation will cover the performance of photoelectric and ionization smoke alarms.  Specifically, the response of these alarms in the real world fires that generate the most fatalities.  I will review historical US fire and fatality data with a detailed look at the causes of fatal fires and the reasons for declines in fire deaths since 1977. Douglas Hansen calls this the most important life safety issue facing our clients – period. All statistical data comes from published/reputable sources such as NFPA, NCHS, NIST, CPSC, NFA, UL, Texas A&M University, American Cancer Society, etc. There will be one or more videos of actual fire tests to illustrate the differences. One or both, Dean Dennis, Fathers for Fire Safety, and or Adrian Butler, Chairman World Fire Safety Foundation, will join via Skype to give a short live talk on their perspective and answer a few questions.

Skip Walker, ACI, is an ASHI ACI, CREIA Master Inspector, ICC Certified Combination Residential Building Inspector and a FIRE Certified Fireplace Inspector. Skip has presented to both the National Association of Realtors (NAR) and the California Association of Realtors (CAR) on smoke alarm performance and CO poisoning issues.  He has been interviewed by both the SF Chronicle and CBS Atlanta on smoke alarm issues. He was the Editor of the CREIA Inspector & eNews magazines (2009-2010).  Skip has written 18 articles for the CREIA state magazine – four on smoke alarms and CO issues. He is the past SV  Chapter Education Chair and ASHI Chapter President. He is a CREIA State Board of Directors Member, 2009-Current, CREIA State Secretary 2010, CREIA Inspector of the Year, 2011, the ASHI CoR Pacific Group Leader 2009-2011. Served on several  ASHI national committees and is the ASHI CoR Alternate Speaker for 2012 and current Directors Nominating Committee Chair.