Pre-Conference Course

HomeInspectIR™ Training - 4 hours
Sunday, January 12th, 1:00 - 5:00 p.m.

The course includes classroom and hands-on training. The class is broken down into an introduction and four application segments. The students learn about the use of IR for that application, and then use the cameras to look at test set-ups for each application.  The four segments are:

Insulation Inspection is an introduction to science of reviewing residential structures for insulation deficiencies and air leakage, which will include review of sample projects. An insulated wall demonstration is set up for students to identify missing insulation and air leakage.

HVAC Inspection is designed to help students understand how cold room/warm room conditions can happen in a home and how they can identify and rectify these conditions with HVAC controls. Discussion will be made on evaluating air conditioning and heating equipment, and students will evaluate a demonstration area for temperature variances and what that means.

Moisture Inspection is about what we see with an infrared camera when we look at the walls, floors and ceilings of a home, how to identify moisture using thermography and how to confirm moisture using a moisture meter. A sample lab will be set up for students to find wet spots and cool but dry spots that look like wet spots.

Electrical Inspection discusses the basic physics of infrared testing of electrical systems which will include review of sample electrical fault reports. Electrical demonstration panels are used to teach the reason for connection problems and what they look like, along with overloaded circuitry, and receptacle problems.

Tuition includes course book and entry into the InspectionWorld Exhibitor Opening Reception in the Expo Hall. (If students have a IR imager, they should bring it to the class. For this 4-hour class there are no prerequisite requirements, however, an IR basics course on infrared science is recommended. Here is a free link: Thermography Basics. For those who do not own an infrared imager, we will have a limited amount of demo imagers available.) Approved for 4 ASHI CE hours.

Peter Hopkins - United Infrared, Inc. Vice-President and the HomeInspectIR™ Chief Instructor, he is a Level III Certified Infrared Thermographer and knows the home inspection business since he has been one since 1996, having personally performed over 7000 property inspections. This true understanding of the mindset and experience of a home inspector allows him to relate to their business. "Home Inspectors are the perfect candidate for thermography because they already understand construction. Having a thermal imager allows them to communicate with assurance, knowing where the problem is rather than guessing. Infrared will allow them to capture additional revenue," states Mr. Hopkins.