Mon., 1/13, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Inspecting Essentials

Conducting inspections of hydronic (boiler) heating systems requires an understanding of the science of combustion, energy, fluids, pumps, and heat transfer. This seminar covers the basics of old gravity/open systems as well as the common standard efficiency systems and new high-efficiency condensing boiler systems. What has changed as standards evolved from gravity systems to pumped systems to the new condensing combustion systems? Learn about piping systems, venting, new controls, pumps, zone controls, and potential defects. Review what you should check and how to properly report on a hydronic system. Discussions of photos and illustrations will identify systems, defects, and reporting.

Tom Feiza, PE, BSME, ACI, is a registered professional engineer (PE, BSME) with over 35 years of construction and engineering management experience. He’s known as “Mr. Fix-It” to loyal readers, callers to his weekly radio show, and audiences at home shows and conventions. But during the week, Tom Feiza is an ASHI member and home inspector with over eighteen years and 7,500 inspections under his belt. He has published books on homes: How To Operate Your Home, Home Systems Guide, Basic Home Systems, Home Systems Illustrated, and My Home – Mi Casa. He works as an expert witness. Tom has made numerous technical presentations for home inspectors at national and local conventions.