Wed., 1/15, 10:30 a.m. - 12:30 p.m.

Inspecting Essentials

Residential crawl space foundations and floor structures are affected by many external forces, poor construction and blue print & design discrepancies. Recognizing movement & forces within a crawl space foundation and determining what is happening is sometimes a challenge.  Techniques of crawl space inspection will be presented that help in the detection and recognition of crawl space foundation and wood floor structure defects and failure. Guidelines will also be presented that help in determining the severity of crawl space movement; whether cracks are just typical or structurally significant; as well as floor structure "Rules of Thumb" for beams, columns, and floor joists spacing – spans. Techniques of structural repair and their effectiveness will also be illustrated.

Samuel A. Wood, PE, ACI, is a Registered Professional Civil Engineer who owns and operates Advantage Home & Environment Inspections, Inc., established in 1995. He has been an ASHI Member since 1996 with over 9,400 home inspections completed in West Virginia. Retired in 1992 as a Lt. Colonel with the US Army Corps of Engineers from 20 years of Active Duty, Sam is a Licensed & Registered Professional Engineer in the States of West Virginia, Ohio, Pennsylvania and Virginia, has an Undergraduate Degree from Penn State University in Mathematics and a Masters of Science Degree in Civil Engineering from Stanford University. While on Active Duty as the Facilities Engineer for Aberdeen Proving Ground and the Senior Director of Engineering and Housing for the Third Infantry Division in Bavaria Germany, he was responsible for the design & construction of new housing and the maintenance of existing housing totaling over 13,000 housing units. Sam’s inspection focus has migrated toward structural failure & foundation movement with an emphasis on the most cost effective structural repairs required to bring the home back into structural stability.