Mon., 1/13, 9:00 - 11:00 a.m.

Advanced Learning

Learn the role a code official and a home inspector plays in the community and the role that the home inspector plays. By exploring the similarities between the two professions we will see how they share the same goals of building safety, building standards and the general health, safety and welfare of the larger community. 

We will also examine the differences of these professions with an emphasis on how they can become, not adversaries, but allies. 
This course, written and presented by a retired code official, will provide attendees with a behind the scenes look at the code enforcement profession from a legal standpoint as well as a practical one.  Attendees will find some interesting topics for discussion.

Paul Andreassen, ACI (home inspector & retired building official) is a former Builder and has been in the construction and inspection industry in one capacity or another since his days in the Navy Seabees in the early seventies.  He is currently president of Andreassen Associates, LLC, a home and building inspection, company and provides code compliance inspections, plan review, land use  and project management.  Paul serves on the Ulster County Planning Board and various other non for profit organizations and has served in the past on the ASHI National Public Relations Committee.

Paul holds professional certifications and licenses as a New York State home inspector and New York State Codes Instructor and teaches the code at community colleges in Syracuse, Poughkeepsie and Ulster County. Paul is a 20 year member of NYSBOC (New York State Building Officials Conference) and is a charter member of the Hudson Valley Chapter of ASHI established in 1994.