MOVE YOUR BUSINESS TO THE NEXT LEVEL (7 Levels of Communication)

Tues., 1/14, 1:00 - 3:00 p.m.

Business Management

This is an excellent how-to session on moving your business to the next level.  The presentation covers several aspects and information from Michael Maher's book "The Seven Levels of Communication." Every small business owner should learn about the tools needed to build and maintain a healthy business. Join in the discussion and move your business forward.

Scott Warga, ACI, is a residential and commercial general contractor in Arizona and the Qualifying Party for ACSI American Construction Specialists and Investigations, LLC. With more than 15 years experience as a builder, inspector and consultant in the construction, construction failure-analyses and forensics industry, he has been called on by construction companies, inspectors, agencies, attorneys, mediators and arbitrators, property managers, agents and owners. Scott is currently ASHI Vice President.